A must read for all

“I was used to looking at the carpet but this sight was a first: looking back, under the chair, I could see my own bottom reflected in the mirror that lent against the wall to her right hand side. Its angle and distance meant I could clearly and easily see her powerful thighs and my […]

To all that are waiting for replies…

I’m so very sorry if you have emailed me and still haven’t had a reply from me, here’s why.. For the last few weeks I have had terrible issues with my internet connection at home, I have written so many emails in reply to people who have emailed me only to find half way through […]

Photo shoot

I thought….I’d give you a little taster of what I got up to last Friday. I had a fantastic photo shoot and within a couple of weeks my website will look a little different with new domestic discipline photos. As I don’t want to get you too excited at this moment in time….and I do […]

A right royal spanking

A right royal spanking

Yesterday I have the pleasure of seeing one of my regular gentleman who always likes to have a little bit of a joke while he’s here…..silly boy ! we do a little bit of role-play to set the scene and yesterday he wanted to play the young army cadet who after a week of training […]

A perfect plum

A perfect plum

My friend gave me a bag of plums today from her garden, she said that there was a special one in the bag for me. When I opened it I found the “special one” and it certainly bought a smile to my face. A plum shaped as a bottom…perfect !


I have just advertised that I will be in Los Angeles at the beginning of next year to spank some bottoms over the pond. I have advertised this early so I can gage the interest. I hope I have as much interest as I did when I was in New York earlier this year. So, […]

Thank you…

….for all of your suggestions regarding what you’d like to see on the updated website. the general consensus is that most would like to see me wearing my slippers and spanking with them. I believe that there are too many “domestic disciplinarians” that are in fact mistresses that include cp into their sessions whereas I […]

What would you like to see ?

Hello everybody, It’s time that I update my website with some lovely new photographs and new content. Now my lovely spankees old and new…what would YOU like to see ? What photographs would you like ? Do you have any preference to what you’d like to see me wearing, what would you like to see […]

Who’d like to be spanked and filmed ?

Hello, Next Tuesday I am going to have a few photographs taken to add to my website and am also hopefully going to do some short filming. I am looking for people to come along for a spanking that don’t mind being filmed or photographed. I do not mind if your face is not shown..I […]