All things spanking interview Now, all you lucky people….this is an interview that I’ve recently completed with Mitch from All things spanking, I would welcome any comments that you may have or indeed any questions. Miss Ophelia

Awaiting a reply ?

Hello, Just to say that if you’re waiting on a reply to an email from me I will answer when I’m in Africa, sorry but it’s been a hectic few days. Thank you for your patience. Now, got to fly as a plane to catch. Miss Ophelia

Contact email mistake…

Hello, Please not that on my contact details there is a mistake….the email address is NOT but… or I will get this changed ASAP. Thank you


For some reason some of your emails that you’ve sent me disappear before I get to open them, if you have sent me an email recently and I’ve not replied can you please send again, text me or call. Thank you…I will try and sort the problem ASAP.