After goodness knows how many cancellations from people I’ve not seen before I will not be taking any booking from a newbie without a 50% deposit paid into my bank account. This is non negotiable and if you don’t agree to it then tough…you’ll not get to see me…go elsewhere ! Time and time again […]

A sad week but spanking helps

A sad week but spanking helps

Hello my lovely followers, I’m finding I really should be getting someone to give me a kick in the bottom for being so lapse in doing my blog, I’m such a dreadful typer that it takes so very long and there’s not enough hours in any one day. This week has been “one of those […]

Late late late !

If you have emailed and are waiting a reply I will answer in the next day. So sorry but I have a poorly pup who is needing a lot of care and the emails have been put on hold. Rest assured I will reply to you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Miss Ophelia