Attention America!

From 7th March I will be returning to New York. New York is my favourite city in the world, and not simply because of the joy of early morning walks in Central Park or the shopping. I love it for the energy that runs through the city. It has a unique feel, a vibrancy all of its own and, as a professional disciplinarian, it inspires that part of me to the point that I can feel its energy running into my spanking hand.


I say this because I adore the wide eyed delight of the New York alpha male reduced to a little naughty boy by a rarely met traditional English lady disciplinarian. Do not forget after all, at an imposing 6 foot tall (before I add my heels), and with my crisp upper class British accent, it is not hard for me to cut anyone down to size. Indeed, I apparently command with merely a look, let alone a stern instruction and I do so love to see the powerful brought into disciplinary line. Brought into line and then held for a while—quite a while actually, since I am known for my prolonged hand spankings—in a squirming state across my knee. In fact, quite long enough for you to have fully let go of any vestige of control or sense of self importance.


I should like to add however, this only follows a lovely pre spanking cup of English tea and chat. Spending time with my American cousins is a treat for me as I adore hearing their spanking stories and seeing how they differ from my own traditional old-school English stories—which, yes, I will also be sharing.


Friends who know me are aware I believe in disciplining all men, but I think in New York there is a certain type on man whom I feel needs my attention in particular. The kind of man no one would suspect has a red hot bottom beneath his city suit. As I mentioned, a long, hard, bare bottom hand spanking is my specialty, but of course a range of traditional implements will travel with me should you have proven to be especially naughty. In the world of British Spanking, the term Six of the Best is of course more than familiar, but be warned I tend to think of it as merely the half way point to Twelve of the Best. Plus repeated sets for any unsatisfactory acceptance of punishment.


So, if you missed me last time, or know now is the time to experience English Discipline at its most traditional—in other words, at its best—then you have that opportunity very soon. I am taking a Hotel apartment on the Upper East Side, very easy to get to and very discreet, and will be available from 7th March onwards, for just over two weeks. You can contact me via email at or by telephone on 07591- 163299 (44-7591-163299 from outside the UK).


Just remember though please, though I am impeccably mannered, friendly and do what I love, I am an English gentlewoman who disciplines gentlemen. I do this by otk hand or implement spankings, or by a traditional English school cane. I am not a mistress and not of the BDSM world. I come from, and came through, the British private school system, and thus am exactly the type and class of person you would have met had you ever been sent to the study of an English school headmistress. Or for that matter, the stiff upper-lipped matriarchs of the British Civil Service—James Bond’s very own ‘M’ in fact, when Dame Judy Dench held the role. (I fancy I would certainly tame his womanising ways).


So please bring your stories of American spankings, or your naughty boy misdemeanours, or indeed even your unpunished business transgressions, and I shall administer true British atonement in absolute confidence and confidentiality. In fact, I very much look forward to hearing just exactly what  does bring you to my knee.


With Warm Regards