At your service !

Last Saturday I got to spank one of my regulars who is so much fun to spank, whoever said that spanking has to be serious needs to watch my sessions sometimes.

Yes, some gentlemen love a serious session but believe me, there are others that laugh their way throughout being over my knee….maybe it’s just their way of coping, hmmm, I hadn’t thought of that 🙂

Anyhow, this particular gentlemen( let’s call him R ) is a very smartly dressed gentleman,  always arrives wearing a suit and tie and quite slight in stature, as usual we have a long chat over a cuppa before he gets taken upstairs and put a my knee for a long spanking, we got chatting about someone and he said she lives west of London, and I said no, she lives near Swindon.. he said well that’s west of’s near Bristol I said…well it’s still west of London he says !

For that conversation alone I thought I’d better give him a jolly good hiding for being so absolutely awful at geography but I had heard something far worse….far far worse.

R, (playing the part of a sixth former) had been sitting by the lake in the school grounds smoking, well, that was bad enough but he’d also been seen throwing stones at the ducks on the lake…as everyone knows I hate anything to do with cruelty to animals, he denied that he was aiming for the ducks saying he was merely skimming stones across the water….that was a lie and I was going to get him to admit to aiming the stones at the ducks no matter what.

R has a history of wearing underpants that don’t fit with the school rules and this day was no exception, as he stood before me and I undid his belt and trousers I caught sight of the black and white underwear he was going to surprise me with.

I lowered his trousers to see the sight of a black bow tie and what was to resemble the front of a dinner jacket, or what a butler might wear, I asked him to turn around and written on the back across his bottom were the words “At your service”

Dear oh dear, once again R was going to get a damn good hiding with my hand, I spanked him for about 35 minutes and then took him downstairs where I used my own belt on him and then the cane.

Did he relent, admit that he had been aiming at the poor defenceless ducks and not skimming like he said he had ?

You bet he did.

Will he be doing it again ?

I doubt it.

Will he get himself into more trouble in the future and need another lesson ?

Without a doubt he will.

Miss Ophelia