An important announcement

Hello everybody,

I will be emailing everyone in my address book but thought I’d let people know that soon I shall be having an operation that will sadly take me out of spanking for a while.

I don’t have a date just yet but do have a date next week for the check up that I have to have before the operation goes ahead so clearly I’m on the list and it’ll be quite soon.

I am saying this incase you’ve been thinking of coming for an appointment, if you have then may I ask that you get your skates on…if you’ve not seen me before then take the plunge….I don’t bite 🙂

The operation although not serious will have me on crutches for a few weeks and the recovery is 3 months, I’m hoping that I won’t feel as bad as some and that I will be back doing what I love most in about 6 weeks from the op, even if it means me supporting some of your weight over the bed…you’ll still be over my knee.

In the time that I will be recuperating at home I shall be redoing a whole new website including a “Pure discipline” area.

I will be writing about that in another post today.

Best wishes

Miss Ophelia x