An Austrian spanking

I had the wonderful opportunity today to spank a gentleman who had flown in from Vienna to have me put him over my knee.

We started with a 10 minute warm up and then the spanking began (I believe that the spanking doesn’t really start until you think you’ve had enough).

His bottom was warmed sufficiently so I increased the level of my hand over the next 40 minutes taking a couple of short breaks in between.

I finished the session with 6 short sharp shocks of the old slipper and 3 of the cane….oh, not forgetting the bath brush….I had to scissor my gentleman between my legs for that so he didn’t wriggle too much.

He took his session incredibly well, the thought of him flying his evening with a very sore bottom keeps the smile on my face.

A delightful gentleman with whom I had a lovely time with.

Thank you “W”


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