Hello everybody,

Firstly an apology as I have been so rubbish at keeping my blog up and running as much as I have wanted to but I have had some issues with the ipad and when trying to post anything the writing all became very muddled, wouldn’t let me space words etc and generally it was just being a pain so I just became so annoyed with it that I stopped posting things…anyhow, I hope it’s now working fine so I will be get back on track with my blogs.

On Monday evening I had my first kite surfing lesson, I’ve wanted to do this sport for many years but have had the most awful fear of being taken out to sea by the wind never to be seen again…then what would all of you spankees do ?

I was recommended to a chap locally who assured me I wouldn’t be swept away so I took the plunge and booked in, we went up to the beautiful Devils Dyke on the South Downs to fly a kite smaller to the ones used on the water.

It was certainly not as easy as it looked I can tell you, I kept crashing my kite into the ground but thankfully my teacher has terrific patience (he needs it with me).

Trying to understand the tension on the leads and flying my kite like a figure 8 lying on it’s side wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever had to try and understand but in the end I think I got it.

My teacher said I have a very dominant right arm !! I wonder why that is ? 🙂

I did tell him about my profession so he had more of an understanding of why my arm is so strong…did he understand spanking, I’m not sure so have told him to read my website.

I’m looking forward to having my next lesson.

Miss Ophelia