A sad week but spanking helps

Hello my lovely followers,

I’m finding I really should be getting someone to give me a kick in the bottom for being so lapse in doing my blog, I’m such a dreadful typer that it takes so very long and there’s not enough hours in any one day.

This week has been “one of those weeks”….sadly my lovely mother died on Monday the 26th October, it was quite unexpected but I got a call from the hospital at 00:50 last Sunday night to say I should go and be with her, I got there about an hour and a half later, held her hand and she died about 30 seconds later.

Anyhow, I wasn’t going to write about her and my week but felt that I had to explain why I’ve been absent in a while, she had been ill and I’d been shooting off to Hampshire quite a lot to see her so have been squeezing this inbetween spanking.

Now, for any of you that think why am I still working in the time in my life let me explain…..I need to Spank bottoms regardless of what’s going on in my personal life, it’s what I love and to be perfectly honest if it wasn’t for the delightful gentlemen I’ve seen this week I’d have been twiddling my thumbs getting not much done, so I thank those of you who’ve seen me this week and I look forward to seeing some regulars and new gentlemen this week coming.

I am going to pop over the the states soon too so keep an eye on the dates soon to be announced.

The photo attached is of a rather grumpy 18 month old me in the arms of my mother Mary….with a face like that maybe I’d just been spanked.

Have a lovely week everybody.

Miss Ophelia xx