A right royal spanking

Yesterday I have the pleasure of seeing one of my regular gentleman who always likes to have a little bit of a joke while he’s here…..silly boy !

we do a little bit of role-play to set the scene and yesterday he wanted to play the young army cadet who after a week of training had already got himself into trouble twice.

He was sent to me and I gave him the choice of going over my knee for a thoroughly long and hard hand spanking, strap and then caning or I could give him a sergeants warning that would mean he would be thrown out of the cadets as he’d already had 2 previous warnings…he obviously didn’t want that so he succumbed to my hand.

What had he done I hear you ask ?

Well, I had found out that he had been having “private get togethers” with the young lady who worked in the uniform store in the middle of the night, I knew who she was but I wanted my miscreant new recruit to tell me her name….he refused.

Little did he know that sooner or later it would beat it out of him.

He stood to the right hand side of me in his smart uniform and I proceeded to remove his belt and then undo his trousers….”I’ve got a surprise for you” he said with a grin on his face.

Little did I know what was lurking beneath his trousers…..

A brightly coloured pair of non regulation underpants with the Union Jack flag print on them !!!

“See…I’m supporting the British Army” he said before I yanked him over my knee and started to give him what for.

My spanking failed to get the young ladies name out of my young recruit so after a long while I sent him downstairs to where I was going to strap and cane him.

“Tell me her name”……”I can’t remember

Whack whack whack of the strap….no name

Oh well, time to start that cane on that bright red bottom.

It didn’t take long before he blurted out her name…Madelaine Crown.

I doubt he’ll be having anymore midnight liaisons with Madelaine….not on my watch anyway.

Miss Ophelia