Well, as you can see, my website has had a makeover. This was the result of some re-examination of what I had previously written, born from a long standing feeling of it not being quite what I wanted to say, and my wish to state loudly and clearly that I am an English Disciplinarian (who loves spanking men), rather than a mistress.

As you will know, I grew up in a strict English family where discipline was decidedly encouraged, let alone present. Therefore when I myself became the one who punished, I did not even think to adopt any particular persona of Femdom to do it, let alone need to. Disciplining men is innate for me, but in the old fashioned and traditional way.

However, in a world where there are literally thousands of femdom mistresses leading the concept of Female Led discipline, it has been hard to be heard and seen as I truly am. There are very few traditional disciplinarians, and we seem to have become the exception rather than the rule. I try to be an accepting person, but I admit I rail against this. I understand that men have their fantasies, their femdom wills and wishes, but what they mostly need – what they all need in my opinion – is a damn good spanking from the kind of person they might have encountered at school, if not at home.  Men need sore bottoms like fish need water.

So, here I am. Waiting, willing and oh so very able, to make your backside hot and bothered and send you away with the sense of peace only chastisement can bring. Enjoy my new site, but make sure you remember that thinking about a hot bottom is not enough. You need to actively seek it too.

Over the coming weeks, I will also be adding a Members Area and with the help of a chap who knows the back of my hand well, I will be compiling an ongoing account of my own personal history and experiences. An autobiography of a true British Disciplinarian if you like. I have many other ideas of what I want to add to this area, as it is my wish to make it personal and fun, but of course I welcome ideas from you too. So do feel free to write and tell me what you’d like to see there – just put ‘Blog Idea’ in the subject line. I admit I am curious to see what you boys come up with. I also look forward to getting to know my regular readers, long distance or not, just as much as I know the bottoms of the boys who already come to see me for their disciplinary needs.

So, check back soon. Exciting times are ahead.

Warm Regards,

Miss Ophelia