Dear Miss Ophelia,

Thank you for agreeing to have my William for a while to take care of disciplinary matters. As our phone call was rather brief, I have sent this note to make sure everything is quite clear. Despite now being a grown man I’m afraid he still seems to be a naughty boy at heart and deserves to be treated like one.
I have always believed that there is no better treatment for a naughty boy of any age than a good sound spanking on the bare bottom and that a policy of regular spankings is the most beneficial.
This approach always worked well with William and his cheekily rounded bottom invited, and received, frequent attention.
Regrettably, I have not been able to carry out this duty for sometime and have been seeking a woman with a firm hand, accommodating lap and a hearty enthusiasm for giving naughty boy’s bottoms just what they deserve.
I was delighted to find you shared my views so wholeheartedly and that you very much relish putting your principles into practice. I suspect you don’t need any further encouragement when you have a well presented bottom at your disposal, but William has been missing the reassuring routine of regular discipline for too long and now needs a really thorough spanking to set him back on the right to road. I want you to show him that he will never be too old naughty boy treatment and that he is now in very capable hands.

Although many women feel that hand spanking is rather soft for a grown-up boy, there is nothing like being taken bare bottomed over a woman’s knee to put a naughty boy in his place. It can still get the point over a sufficiently vigourous and prolonged, and boy will feel that he is getting your personal attention rather than just being beaten. I understand you possess and admirably hard hand and thoroughly enjoy applying it at length where it is best felt-just what William needs !

I fancy I’ve inherited this “spanking gene” from my mother. She impressed me that are well spanked boy is a well-behaved boy and that plenty of good firm spankings are absolutely the best thing for boys like William.
It’s what their bottoms are for, she used to say. My friend Lillian always said his bottom was made for Spanking and ought to be spanked every night before bed. In fact most of my friends spanked him on occasion, usually I have to say with my encouragement.
I must admit that I did very much enjoy spanking a deserving bottom and when they know that you won’t miss an opportunity to do so,it is a great encouragement to behave.
He never kept my spanking hand waiting for too long and I could often sense him in ready for one even without real naughtiness. He understood it was for his own good and always seemed contented and relaxed when put to bed with a cuddle and a nice warm rosy bottom – I’m sure it does them the world of good.

Whilst I expect you to be quite firm with him, there is no need for any lecturing or recriminations. I was surprised when you said your “treatment” would last a full hour but he’s a big boy now and there’s a lot of catching up needed. I’m sure you know what boys like William deserve so you must make certain he receives full measure. He knows he’s very much overdue for this and, indeed, he seemed quite taken with your picture on the computer.
I think he’s been missing his spankings and the comfortable feeling of a slate wiped clean that comes with a hot sore bottom.

I mustn’t go on as I’m sure you’ve got the picture; so many thanks in advance for what I’m sure will be a most worthwhile visit.
I hope you will enjoy dealing with him, and will make the most of his bottom while he is with you.

Best wishes



  1. swiftsilver1

    Dear Miss Ophelia. I have just read the letter to you from my mummy.She drinks you know, I have been good always and I don’t need a spanking. I won’t be spanked Miss Ophelia I am too ols and too big for that kind of thing.

    Take Care xx

  2. Brucie

    I recognize so much of myself in how William was described by his mother. Unhappily for me, I had to wait until my adult years before my bare bottom was taken over the lap of female authority. I’d already been paddling and strapping myself for years, but it hardly compared to lying bare-bottomed across an obliging woman’s lap for a good, sound spanking.

    Like William, I was blessed with a bottom that practically begged to be spanked; truth to tell, more like a girl’s bum than the typical boy’s. Nice full, round, smooth, jiggly cheeks resembling nothing so much as two water-filled balloons. Quite simply, I was born to be spanked. Thank goodness it finally happened!

  3. PAUL

    I Think Williams mother thinks like mine as i am a very soundly well spanked boy and can identify with the above  but as well being spanked i am sometimes caned otk as well that has me jumping and howling ! paul well spanked boy

  4. PAUL

    yea you are right Mother used to give more than 6 of the best! with cane over the knee was wondering do you ever disipline re above it just seems very babyish and childish to get the nursery cane bare bottom ovk!!

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