A down under spanking !

Today I met a gentleman who had flown in from Australia to visit me as well as doing a couple of other things whilst in the UK.

He was the most lovely gentleman who requested that he have a long warm up (perfect….I hate to rush my spankings)

After a long chat over a pot of fresh coffee we went up to the bedroom where I ordered him to remove his shoes and shirt, he stood before me where I undid his trousers and took them down only to notice the brightest of red underwear, I told him that when I was ready I would be removing them and would spank him on the bare bottom and that his underwear may very well match the colour of his bottom after I had finished with him.

I took him over my lap and gave a warm up spanking of 15 minutes…then the real spanking began….I spanked him for another 35 minutes varying the firmness of my hand, sometimes spanking slowly and methodically, at other times faster and harder.

With a couple of small breaks taken and some great fun conversation whilst being spanked my gentleman made one very large mistake….he mentioned “Carol Vordeman”…… I have a dislike of this self centred sanctimonious woman and let that be known…he felt my displeasure as my hand spanked harder and harder until I heard the pleas of mercy.

My job was done.

I thoroughly enjoyed today’s session with my Australian spankee and am sure he is sitting uncomfortably this evening.


  1. dactarsspeed

    I Notice Miss Ophelia you mention spanking a bottom to become the same colour as the underpants worn by the minor offender.
    When I come I shall where my WHITE ones.

    Take Care Dave x

  2. macardent

    Dear Ophelia,

    Surely after 35 minutes your poor hand must have suffered as much as the guilty bottom. Isn’t a switch to strap and/or cane more normal ?

    I write as a concerned admirer.

    1. opheliadh

      I don’t understand what you mean by “more normal” ?

      I am far from like many other ladies that spank for 5 minutes and then move onto other implements as they can’t be bothered to continue with their hand.

      If the gentleman over my lap has requested that he want a 1-2 hour spanking with my hand only that is what he gets, I wouldn’t even contemplate picking up an implement if he has specifically stated he doesn’t like them.

      I’d be interested in your “more normal” comment.

      Does my hand hurt after a prolonged spanking, yes it does but hey ho….no pain no gain.

      Thank you for your concern.


      Miss Ophelia

      1. macardent

        How quick you are to see the nuance in my choice of the word “normal”, divining no doubt its provenance in the practices of others. I admit that as a connoisseur of chastisement, sadly with too little personal experience, I have become familiar with the standard progression from hand spanking through different flat implements, until the buttocks are deemed ready for the supreme sensations conferred by the ultimate cutting instruments, cane or whiplash. Had I used the word “usual”, my meaning would have been unambiguous.

        You, dear lady, are clearly your own person, conforming to your own standards rather than common routines, and I admire you for it. Most movingly, the respect you show for your supplicants’ wishes reveals understanding and generosity of spirit, rather than the wish to punish for its own sake, seen on some unsavoury websites. My understanding from your own website is that an interview with you is primarily an emotional exchange, towards which the posterior discipline is a necessary driving force.

        Your reading of A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen, published by the Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society, prompts me to admit to Associate membership of that fine institution, now defunct but hopefully still championing submission to female wisdom and authority. If you have access to the Journals of the Society, or its other publications such as Sweet Retribution, you may read several contributions by me. If not, I should be pleased to forward them via e-mail.

        With kind regards,


  3. dactarsspeed

    Ah young Miss Ophelia I would not dream of visiting and displeasing you with my mode of dress so they would be pristine white my goddess. I wonder if perhaps a thing, ah to dream is not a sin. Take Care Dave.

  4. Sylvain

    I am fervently hoping that you come to Canada next year, as you said you might do. I admire your willingness to hand spank for very long periods of time. I will want a harsh hand spanking as a warm up, at least 15 minutes, while keeping my bottom wet with a water sprayer, in order to enhance the sting. Then I will ask that you move on to certain implments, used on my bottom and the backs of my legs. A wooden spoon on the backs of the legs, for example, can be a quite exquisite punishment.

    After painfully reddening and tanning my backside, I will ask that you use the handle of a thick plastic toothbrush to whack my toes, which is quite excruciating. I hope it will excite you to make me endure such bitter torments. I need punishment because I am a naughty sinner, a masturbator — or wanker, as you Brits call it. My catholic upbringing tells me it is wrong to masturbate, but sometimes I just can’t resist the maddening temptation!

  5. Macardent

    The wet bottom reminds me of an incident in Swinburne’s book Lesbia Brandon, when Reggie, emerging from a forbidden sea bathe,was met by his tutor carrying a fresh birch rod, determined to apply it whilst the guilty buttocks were still cold and wet,to get the benefit of the enhanced sting.

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