A down under spanking !

Today I met a gentleman who had flown in from Australia to visit me as well as doing a couple of other things whilst in the UK.

He was the most lovely gentleman who requested that he have a long warm up (perfect….I hate to rush my spankings)

After a long chat over a pot of fresh coffee we went up to the bedroom where I ordered him to remove his shoes and shirt, he stood before me where I undid his trousers and took them down only to notice the brightest of red underwear, I told him that when I was ready I would be removing them and would spank him on the bare bottom and that his underwear may very well match the colour of his bottom after I had finished with him.

I took him over my lap and gave a warm up spanking of 15 minutes…then the real spanking began….I spanked him for another 35 minutes varying the firmness of my hand, sometimes spanking slowly and methodically, at other times faster and harder.

With a couple of small breaks taken and some great fun conversation whilst being spanked my gentleman made one very large mistake….he mentioned “Carol Vordeman”…… I have a dislike of this self centred sanctimonious woman and let that be known…he felt my displeasure as my hand spanked harder and harder until I heard the pleas of mercy.

My job was done.

I thoroughly enjoyed today’s session with my Australian spankee and am sure he is sitting uncomfortably this evening.