What a Christmas period this has turned out to be for me…I hope yours was so much better.

Without going into a long drawn out email about things and boring you all but my Christmas has turned out to be one I’d rather forget as on Christmas Eve I took my father to see his cardiologist for a check up at the hospital and he decided that my father needed an immediate admission to do some checks etc as my father had been unwell for some weeks, to cut a long story very short he will be in hospital for a while as will need surgery as they have found a hole in his heart as well as a leaking valve, he will be transferred to Southampton General as soon as they know if he has an infection…can’t operate if he has so we must wait a few more days.

I have driven my aged mother to see him each day and have come home to Sussex this evening and will return to see him in a couple of days, my parents have never been apart from each other in nearly 60 years so it’s very hard for them both.

I haven’t had one alcoholic drink this Christmas because of driving etc but was given a box of champagne truffles which I thought I’d treat myself to last night after visiting my father….that was until I got back the the parents house to find 2 happy little dogs flaked out on the floor surrounded by torn cardboard and foil having helped themselves to the truffles….hic