As some of you are aware I do not post on the itc message board these days however, last night someone posted a thread asking something about me…low and behold the site owner has deleted this thread. What a surprise indeed that this has happened…not ! I only wish that the owner really could see […]


I once again have been asked why I’m not contributing to some forums and although would love too feel that after a certain incident that I cannot anymore. It is with sadness and I’m not one to curtail but for now I have to bow out. Of course I continue to do what I love […]

London limited availability

London limited availability

Hello, For all you lucky chaps that live in and around london. I will be in london on Sunday 10th September and Monday 11th, Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th September only. If you would like to go over my knee then please do get in touch as soon as possible as I have very limited […]

Not a good start

Not a good start

Today I had the most amazing photo shoot planned, it has been about 18 months in the planning and because of the weather I’ve had to cancel it. I wanted to look my usual, tall, elegant self and thought that the windswept, drowned rat that had been dragged through a hedge backwards was not going […]

Bathtime Spanking

This afternoon I’m going to be doing a bathtime spanking, this is one of my favourite scenarios. Hot Bath run, miscreants clothed removed and then he sits in the bath for quite some time being told that they’ll be no supper because of his bad behaviour. Out of the bath with a very warm bottom, […]

Forums…..oh dear.

So, as you probably know I advertise on the wonderful site ITC, it really is very good but has bits that I personally don’t like, I don’t like that some of the advertisers are “working ladies” that throw a bit of spanking into the mix of sex so they can advertise on a primarily cp […]